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This is a great exercise that targets your abs, lower back, butt, hips, even your upper back and shoulder muscles. What makes this exercise so good, is that your body has to fight against rotation, engaging all muscles that stabilize your core.

First, come to a hands and knees position, with your knees exactly under your hips and your hands exactly under your shoulders.

Then, find a neutral position for your lower back by extending you back, then flexing, extending again, and finally find a position in the middle. You’ll feel your abs already activated in that position.

While holding your back in that neutral position, raise the opposite arm and leg at the same time, until both become parallel to the floor. Flex your foot as you lift and extend your leg. Think that you want to reach the wall behind you with your heel. Your arm should be also fully lengthened as you lift it.

Bring both arm and leg back down to the starting position, and repeat with the opposite arm and leg.

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