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My Top Exercises for Snowboarders

by Cory

If you are a recreational boarder or looking to start and want to make sure your body is up for the challenge, these following exercises would be my go to for any boarder!

1. Squat hold with heel and toe raises – this will be the exact position and movement your lower body will be in 95% of the time while actually going down a slope. To progress: increase time in position before coming back up.

2. Walking lunges/plyo lunges – if you already board you know how heavy your boots start to feel walking in between slopes or trying to "hop" with one foot still in the binding. So, single leg stability/strength/and power is crucial. To progress: add weight or switch to plyo lunges.

3. Bridges with shoulders on bench – you will be activating your glutes A LOT! Make sure you strengthen your glutes. To progress: add a weighted bar to hips.

4. Palloff press with rotation – your thoracic spine will be constantly rotating to counter balance your lower body and help with pulling your leg through to carve. This exercise will help strengthen your core with specific focus on your obliques in regards to rotating your hips and thoracic spine.

5. 180° squat jumps – great exercise for V02 max training/explosive leg power/balance. To progress: perform on balance beam.  

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