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Hello 2020

by Michelle

Happy New Year everyone! This past year seemed to fly by! 2019 was a great year for me, I learned sooo much, met new people, tried new things, went new places, worked with amazing coworkers and clients, and even had some up’s and down’s along the way. I hope you all were able to have some great experiences and wonderful memories from this past year. As the new year rolls around we tend to be quick to talk about what we hope to accomplish in the new year, what goals we have for ourselves, or what resolutions we want to stick to. I applaud you for wanting to make things happen, and to have goals in mind, but before leaping into the future and being caught up in what you want to happen, take a good hard look at what already happened. For true growth to happen and progress to be made, YOU MUST LEARN FROM YOUR PAST!

The past should not be something that holds you back or something that you can’t move on from, or something you just brush aside either. Use the past to reflect. If you are honest with yourselves, there are probably some things you didn’t do in 2019 that you should have, maybe  you were not as disciplined as you could have been, maybe you didn’t spend as much quality time with family or your significant other, maybe you were a bit lazy and did not accomplish as much as you could have… there could be a variety of things. For myself, I think I kept myself too busy and didn’t invest as much time in my own personal growth, and I used school or work as an excuse. I had to reflect on this past year long and hard and come to terms with that fact that I didn’t want to admit at first. By accepting and knowing what areas I can work on, I have a clearer goal for the new year. If we can’t face the reality of our shortcomings… and we all have them, how do we expect to grow moving forward?

 Do you want to keep making the same mistakes? Do you want to stay stagnant? I don’t think so!! I think it’s natural for humans to want to be successful,  to improve, to do better, and that’s great! We should strive for greatness and we should strive to make improvements where improvements can be made, but for that to happen we need to learn from our past. So I encourage you, before you rush into the new year with high hopes and expectations, make sure you have reflected on this past year, let it inspire you to make changes in the new year and help guide you towards reaching your new goals!   

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