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Tips for Stress Free Weeknight Dinners

by Libby Aneskewich


1. Do your Grocery Shopping Online

From the comfort of your kitchen, you can shop online and swing by the grocery store to pick up your order or even get it delivered. This will help you save time and money by buying only what you know you need for the coming week. 

2. Turn on Your Slow Cooker

Before you leave the house in the morning, throw all of your dinner ingredients into your slow cooker. This isn't just for winter recipes! Slow cookers will help you save time on preparation, cooking, and even cleaning. Don't have a slow cooker? Try chopping all of your vegetables and roasting them for a simple sheet pan meal. 

3. Double or Triple the Recipe

When preparing your food, make double or even triple the amount you normally would. This way you can pack it up and save leftovers for your lunch or dinner the next night. 

4. Stock up on Frozen Produce

Fresh fruits and vegetables always taste better but stocking up on frozen fruits and vegetables is the perfect way to make sure you have something colorful on your plate (even if you are eating with picky individuals). Keep frozen fruit to throw into smoothies in the morning and frozen veggies to steam with dinner.


Pair up some of these ideas to devise a meal plan that works with you and your family! In a typical week, I make sure to eat every color of the rainbow and select quick cooking proteins such as chicken and beans. Steam-in-bag vegetable selections are always in the freezer to heat up for my meal. Healthy doesn't have to mean hard. 

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