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  • "LUX has been exactly what I need when it comes to fitness and accountability. I find myself excited to exercise and eat well because I see results and feel better, both physically and mentally. The trainers are welcoming, friendly, and encouraging while helping me achieve results."

  • The daily stresses of work and family were starting to weigh down on me. Now I just feel overall better and my clothes fit better. The Semi-Private sessions are very individualized, and fit the needs that I was looking for.You're held accountable for the time that you put in, every minute that you're there is going to be utilized to get you where you want to be.

  • "LUX is staffed by well-educated, well-trained, personable and fun trainers. Every workout is different and enhances my daily mobility and strength. Today, I am more flexible, have more energy and am pain-free most of the time. I would encourage everyone to check out LUX. You and your body will be very glad you did!"

  • "The biggest thing I like about LUX is their community. If I'm struggling with something, there's a lot of people that will help to push me, help motivate me, just get me out of my comfort zone."

  • Nina
  • "My body is getting long and lean, and my thighs and my hips are smoothing out. With the work of the trainers and Jose, I've been able to achieve my goals, and as I'm evolving, so are my workouts."

  • Aimee
  • "The results were fantastic. I have lost weight before, but I haven't felt this good before. It's all about diet and exercise, and I learned how to do it correctly."

  • Mackenzie
  • "The thing I love the most about LUX is that my trainers know me and they can push me past the point of my comfort zone!"

  • "I have been able to keep my strength up and my bones strong so I can enjoy the hobbies I like to do, and help prevent injury as I get older. I love that all the workouts are personalized. Jose tailors the program exactly to what my goals are, and even the music he chooses is what I like."

  • "Jose listens to what you say about what you like and dislike about your body, and writes up your workouts to target those areas. Within a couple weeks I could already see my body changing, felt stronger and healthier! I’ve never felt better, and for once I actually look forward to working out!”

  • “I feel stronger and fit. Jose is very knowledgeable and fits the routine to your needs. I love the personal attention. I highly recommend LUX for anyone who is looking for a professional and fun training experience.”

  • “I was always intimidated by strength training and being in a gym, but here I felt so comfortable, even in the first session. I learned how to do all exercises properly, and I feel much stronger as a runner now – a faster, stronger, less injury-prone runner.”

  • Personal Training Clarks Summit

    “I have a herniated lumbar disk. LUX consulted with my physical therapist and designed a program of core strength, posture, range of motion and other elements. It works! My pain level is down and I have avoided acute sciatica episodes thanks to Jose’s personalized attention.”

  • Personal Training Clarks Summit

    “I can’t say enough about Jose. He goes above and beyond as a trainer. He helps keep me on track not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. He brings an intense spirit of helpfulness into his business that I am sure is experienced by every client who goes there. There is no doubt in my mind that he genuinely cares about his client’s health and getting them to reach their goals.”



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